Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FilePick is moving

The address for FilePick is about to change. Anyone who has a link to the page should change it to the new address. http://www.rsbriggs.com/

FilePick is a wonderful program that helps you keep track of Drawings and PDF files. Instead of looking through listings and opening up one file after another trying to find the right one, now you can list the file and link it to a picture. So your drawing of something, say a heart, can be listed and you can take a picture of the finished heart and link it to the list. Then when you click on the picture, FilePick will launch the drawing. It's an amazing time saver.

It's also really wonderful for listing PDF files. You might be able to display the first page of a PDF in a thumbnail, but often the first page isn't the one you want. So now you can take a picture from inside the file and use it to identify the PDF.

The software is easy to install and almost intuitive to operate.

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